Brazilian Consulate General in San Francisco

Tel.   : (+1) (415) 981 8170
Fax   : (+1) (415) 986 4625
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Visa Types Granted By Brazil Are;

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Craig Smith

I am a U.S. citizen and planning on visiting Brazil on April 8 2024 for 3 weeks . I know the new law takes affect April 10. Do I still need a visa and am I required to show proof of Covid vaccination ? I have not been vaccinated and do not wish to be vaccinated. The application is not letting me move forward unless I provide it . Thank you .

Richard Schram

I have been unable to upload a photo and documents that are acceptable by VFS.GLOBAL on their website. We have scheduled and fully paid for a March 2024 Seabourn cruise beginning in Manaus and ending in Miami and Air from San Francisco, USA to Manaus. VFS.GLOBAL has provided little to no information as to why our uploads are not acceptable. We would hate to miss our cruise and the loss of about $20,000 because of some technical difficulties.

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