Pix Visa Payments: Simplifying US Embassy Fee Transactions in Brazil

Brazil's US Embassy and Consulates have significantly improved payment options for visa application fees, now accepting Pix, Brazil's renowned quick payment system. This decision aligns with the Embassy's dedication to enhancing services for Brazilian visa applicants, marking a pivotal step in streamlining the visa application process.

Increased Visa Processing Demands

  • Notably, between January and March 2024, the United States witnessed a notable surge in visa processing in Brazil, with a remarkable 20 per cent increase compared to the previous year, culminating in over 340,000 visas processed within three months.
  • Additionally, data from the Embassy indicates that last year alone, a total of 1.125.000 million visas were issued to Brazilians, underscoring the significance of this demographic in the visa application landscape.

Enhanced Applicant Experience

Furthermore, the relocation of Brasilia’s Visa Offsite Facilitation Center (OFC) to Brasília International Airport – President Juscelino Kubitschek is a strategic move aimed at enhancing the efficiency of the visa application process. The OFC is pivotal in facilitating various tasks such as passport collection and biometric data gathering, contributing to a smoother and more streamlined experience for visa applicants.

Emergence of Pix in Payment Landscape

In parallel, Pix has emerged as a dominant force in Brazil's payment ecosystem, experiencing exponential growth and surpassing traditional credit and debit card transactions by approximately 23 per cent. Its simplicity and convenience have resonated with consumers, as evidenced by its widespread adoption, particularly in online transactions, where Pix accounted for approximately a third of all purchases in December 2023.

Benefits for Businesses

  • Simplified Transactions: Pix eliminates the need for cash payments or lengthy credit card processes, streamlining the visa application fee payment process.
  • Faster Processing: With instant payment confirmation through Pix, applicants can experience quicker processing times for their visa applications.

Transformative Influence

Moreover, Pix's transformative influence extends beyond individual transactions to include payments between individuals and businesses (P2B), with a notable increase from five per cent to 38 per cent in P2B transactions since its inception. This underscores Pix's pivotal role in reshaping Brazil's payment landscape, with transactions totalling a staggering 17 trillion reais ($3.4 trillion) in 2023 alone.


In conclusion, the US Embassy and Consulates in Brazil's acceptance of Pix as a payment option for visa application fees reflects a progressive approach to enhancing convenience and efficiency for visa applicants. At the same time, Pix's meteoric rise underscores its transformative impact on Brazil's payment ecosystem.


  • How does Pix payment for visa application fees work?

    Pix payment for visa application fees allows applicants to transfer the required fee directly from their bank account to the US Embassy or Consulate's designated account using the Pix system.

  • What are the advantages of using Pix for visa fees?

    The advantages of using Pix for visa fees include convenience, as it offers a quick and efficient payment method without needing physical cash or lengthy processing times.

  • Are there any additional fees for paying with Pix?

    Generally, there are no additional fees to pay with Pix. However, checking with your bank for any potential charges related to Pix transactions is advisable.

  • Is Pix payment secure for visa applications?

    Pix payment is considered secure for visa applications, as it involves direct bank transfers, reducing the risk of handling cash or providing credit card information.

  • Can I use Pix for all types of visa applications?

    Pix can be used for most visa applications processed by the US Embassy or Consulates in Brazil. However, applicants should verify specific requirements for their visa category.

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